Sunday, 25 March 2012

War Library: Callsign Hades

Within the last thirty seconds, I finished the book Callsign Hades by Patrick Bury, Royal Irish Regiment.

It's an emotional journey with 7 Platoon, Ranger Coy, RIR through March-September 2008 in Afghanistan, and is quite simply superb. Despite a hangover, a head cold and a general dislike of autobiographies, I polished this gem off last night after work and this evening. Well written, engrossing and amazingly both a reminder of the human cost of war as well as a rich vein for mining scenarios, I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone interested in modern warfare, the Afghan conflict in particular, or life in the modern British army.

This book has earnt itself a permanent place in my war library, alongside Task Force Helmand, One Bullet Away and NAM Rodger's The Command of the Ocean.

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