Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Battle of Gallow's Grove, 1864

A DBA-Hx production of the American Civil War

As Sherman marches on the sea, one of Taylor's junior generals, Lt. General Ennis, is sent to protect the agricultural centre of Gallow's Wood with a small division (8 Rifles, 2 Jaeger, 2 Cannon).

As he prepares his defences, a Northern division under General Bartlett (8 Rifles, 2 Jaeger, 2 Cavalry) comes a-knocking. Desperate to spare the town, Ennis advances to battle through the cornfields, blocking the road and daring Bartlett to come to him. The forces meet just as Bartlett exits the small copse known as Gallow's Grove...

McCullough (left) advances against the Union right.

Bartlett orders a general advance.

Union rifle fire recoils the Confederate guns.

Caley's doughty skirmishers hold off McCullough's entire brigade.

A wing battalion disperses under heavy fire.

Weight of fire starts driving Caley back.

The Union centre bounds forward & McCullough's skirmishers attack their flank.

The shattered remnants of Caley's command withdraw.

As dusk settles, the Confederates command the south & east.
Bad dice and Confederate cannon fire shatter the Union centre and drive back the wing.

Caley's men finally founder.

McCullough's skirmishers break the remaining centre battalion.

In one last, desperate, gallant charge, the Union cavalry achieve next to nothing.

As the day dies, Bartlett grimly orders a general withdrawal.
At 7-0 to the Confederates, this was one of the grimmest games of DBA-Hx that I've ever played. Despite an attempt by a third of the Confederates to even the burden of attack, the Union had appalling dice for everything but initiative and consistently drew or lost combats in both sides' bounds.

Man of the Match: Imaginary commander Caley, of the Union Jaegers. Those boys held up 5 elements with 2 for most of the game. It didn't do much, but damned if it wasn't an impressive holding action.


  1. Do the red dice behind each element show how many hits/recoils its taken?

    1. They do.

      It was a solo game, and I was too late to get the red pips for the bases themselves. For ease, I gave every stand 3 recoils.