Thursday, 8 March 2012

Force on Force Status Markers

One thing that annoys me when I'm playing Force on Force is trying to keep track of who's pinned, who's suppressed, who's on overwatch, and who's injured.

Cotton wool only takes you so far, and knocking over seriously injured and just-shot models alike is confusing. The answer?

When stuck in a lump of blu-tac on a penny (English penny!) and painted, they're awesome little status markers. I have First Aid, Pinned (two for suppressed) and Overwatch markers, and red and green beads to mark the bases of seriously and lightly wounded models.

Orange is overwatch, Red Cross is First Aid.

These yellow explosion guys are "pinned". Click for a better image.
Possibly the best thing about pushpins is that the box they came in is perfect for storing the beads! Beads which will, now I think about it, do very well in Volley and Bayonet as Disorder markers too...

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