Thursday, 24 April 2014

Club Dredd!

Tonight was my second night playing Dredd at the club, and the first time I've gotten round to writing about it. The Mongoose/Warlord rules are eminently playable and presented in a lovely book - and the models aren't half bad either!

Despite that, we mostly played with 3rd party stuff tonight; Foundry, Eureka and some Mongoose in there for flavour.

In our first game, Brit-Cit's finest, Detective Judges Mortimer, Menace and Strange, had to stop an evil Warlock (see below) from detonating a gigantic stockpile of Meat Virus, part of a foreign exchange with Mega City one.
See, an evil warlock.
The Meat Virus stockpile, virulently yellow.
The DJs advanced quickly and dispensed arrests, but not quickly enough! A winged, lightning-lashing demon appeared from above and swooped down on Detective Strange. Ignoring the doughty Brit's immense willpower, it ate him. Spluch, rip, chew.
Detective Strange stands firm against the demon!
Detective Strange dies squidgily against the demon...
Meanwhile Mortimer and Menace were arresting felons left, right and centre - even those who dared shoot at the law's duly appointed officers.
Menace subdues a train of cultists.
Unfortunately, that pesky bloodstained demon was still about, and despite Menace's stalwart attempts to punch the inter-dimensional terror in the face...
Face punching not a 100% problem-solver.

Is it? No. Grind, chew, spit. ate him too.

Mortimer, the team leader, held on as long as she could, taking potshots at the crazed wizard who was still programming Judgement Day into the explosive device. Until the demon ate her. Phloo. Hair got caught. BWAHAHAHAHAHA.

So, yes. Despite arresting/knocking out all but one of the cultists, Brit Cit was doomed to a double whammy plague/demon invasion. Ho hum.

In our second, pictureless game, our brave heroes took on three crooked American judges, and beat them senseless - or in the case of their psychic, Executioned them to blammy death.

It's a fun game, it doesn't need too many models, and the scenery is easily morphed to any other near-future urban locale - perfect for 28mm gaming!