Thursday, 22 March 2012

Void and Stars Playtest

I ran a game of Void and Stars down at my Friendly Local Gaming Store, and it was a blast! We had 3 players and me, and a host of engaged on-lookers. One player even decided then and there to apply as a playtester.

We played Imperials vs Colonials at about 1200pts using MSPaint counters, and it was a relatively even game until an excellent bit of manoeuvring by some Imperial escorts resulted in multiple up-the-kilt shots.

Man of the Match: The Imperial MkII Cruiser Onslaught, which killed two ships by herself and commanded the attention of half the Colonial fleet for most of the game. Despite racking up an impressive number of hits, she survived the game a battered, smoking wreck.

-  The Imperials never used their Shield Generators. We would have taken much less damage if we had.
- The rules worked very smoothly, and as soon as we managed to remember whether Odd or Even results affected Weapons or Systems, we barely checked the book at all.
- Carriers really need to hang back. They might be one of the few vessels worth bringing to a Dead Stop.


  1. When you played 1200pts per side, did you still have two forces, or did you multiplayer it?

    I just wonder how the dynamics of risking a turnover work if you have a larger number of vessels. For example, in a standard 750pt game you have 4-5 ships, and can probably gamble on two dice activations and still get 3-4 of them to activate. But if you double the number of ships to, say, 10, you may only see 5-6 activate. In other words a larger force will probably have a higher proportion of ships failing to act. This is a case where squadron orders would obviously be of use, were they not scheduled to be dropped.

    1. We multiplayered it, and it worked pretty well.

      As I understand it, squadron orders are being given to flagships, rather than characters. As it stands, even the Fleet Command ability is ridiculously useful, especially with Berserkers, since it gives them Q2.

    2. Yes, I tried a game with a Quality 3 fleet and a Fleet Command Centre. They ran rings around their foe :)

    3. The Colonials were definitely more manoeuvrable than the Imperial fleet, but unfortunately, they manoeuvred themselves into easy DF range. I think if the board had been bigger it would have gone a lot better for the missile side.

  2. Glad you restored Imperial honour after my shoddy performance with them!

    1. No worries, I'm always happy to redeem the side of villainy ;)

      I always end up playing Nazis or the CSA =[
      But I'd like to play Rush's Lancers sometimes...