Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life...

So I had a bike accident yesterday. I'm fine, apart from two mildly sprained wrists, a scuffed knee and a broken rib. But it was already broken, it just made things that little bit more painful when I landed.

But while I was hurtling off my bike towards the concrete, it wasn't physical injury I was worried about. I've been doing martial arts for years, and I work as a doorman. I was worried about three things: my bike (how would I get about), my leather jacket (a gift from my dad, and possibly the most expensive bit of clothing I own), and my bag (my models, oh no!)

That's right, I was on my way back from a game of Flames of War at my FLGS, and they were with me when things went wrong. I didn't check them last night - the police took me to A&E, and I wasn't home until 2am.

I checked them this morning, and holy cow!

I use VHS cases for storing my models, with PVAed cotton wool inside the lid to keep things a little more quiescent.
Their contents are a mystery.
A lot of people disagree with my cheap as chips philosophy, including a lot of my friends, but last night has to some degree validated me - everything was fine. Seriously, no damage. The following pictures were all taken within two seconds of each box being opened. Boxes which were just video cassettes cases with a little cotton wool, and were hurled over my head and onto the tarmac (my messenger bag was actually thrown off me and landed four feet away), as well being lobbed by police and groggy me in A&E. Enjoy:

The stands have moved a little, but that's it. Feel free to click on the pictures for larger versions, and stand in awe at what £2.50 worth of packing and storage can do. Hooray for VHS!

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