Thursday, 19 January 2012

Poundland Swag

Inspired by TMP, I went on a Poundland hunt this lunchtime and found a few pound-a-pop vehicles that I thought might fit with modern 15mm. Of course, they're all box scale, so they may end up as sci-fi vehicles instead, but I'm not sure what they are. I believe that they're a gigantic Humvee (which I'm tempted to use as a MRAP if I can add some grid armour), a squashed Chinese Type 98, and some kind of air defence Piranha, but I'm honestly not sure. Here for your delectation next to a QRF cameraman.

So there they are. Anyone else's opinion on what they represent is greatly appreciated =]


  1. They all look pretty good - especially for that price. The Humvee is a bit large as you pointed out and the only thing you might consider is painting those shiny rims. The extra 'bling' would probably attract some unwanted attention on the battlefield. ;)

    1. That is the plan - although I've given someone else the Humvee, the other two are 5&6 on my vehicle painting list at the moment, to be retasked for sci-fi.