Sunday, 29 January 2012

Outpost: Slaughter

EDIT: Mistakes fixed in the Outpost: Slaughter scenario file.

More of a modelling than a gaming week this - nearly 80 Mujahideen are an inch from finished, and a platoon of modern British are primed. Three more 15mm buildings are nearly done, and some scifi lamposts and Hotspots are practically done too.

We had a game of Volley and Bayonet last Sunday, an ersatz version of Dennewitz at 4,000 points a side. It was essentially a giant bloody shoving match in the middle of the board. The French lost about 2,500 men, and the Allies (British and German) lost about 8,000. The French were on the back hoof until Turn Five, when they triumphed massively across the whole line, routing whole brigades at every turn. Brigade of the Match goes to the Highland Brigade, who were flank charged by French Cuirassiers and sent them packing.

While no photos were taken of the match itself, Archangel's girlfriend took some amazing photos of the set-up (which she helped with!).
British Advance

Aerial view of the Allies

French Advance

Aerial view of the French

Iskander and I also played a game of Force on Force tonight, using this homebrewed scenario, Outpost: Slaughter. The Canadians of Operation Enduring Freedom took arms against an assault on their platoon house by Jebel Hadr's Milice Internale.

For the first time ever, I won against Iskander (though I can't say I beat him), as he drew a staggering ten Fog of War cards against my one, in just four turns! It was a ludicrous display of luck that saw Delta Force snipers and a medic join the Canadian defence, a sandstorm, two sets of blitzed orders from OEF HQ, two house fires (including the Platoon House, which can no longer happen) and the sudden discovery of architectural flaws in the platoon house's defences. It was neck and neck until the QRF arrived and took a HotSpot-ed Dushka's fire in the flank, whereupon Iskander conceded in exchange for cassoulet and cake. All in all a smashing game that highlighted a lot of what I love about Force on Force. Man of the Match goes to the second Dushka team who scored 4 hits against the Hummer's side armour, causing a Catastrophic kill and taking the score from 13-13 to 37-13 to the Milice Internale insurgents.

Initial board set up.

From the other end.

The village of Kowete (left) and the Platoon House (right)

Everything that was on fire at the end of Turn Four.

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