Saturday, 4 January 2014

New Year Round Up

Well, 2013 was a long year, and a good one overall. I started it bedridden from a Christmas operation, and ended it with ten days of celebration with good friends and family.

I got published for the first time this year (Miniatures Wargames 367 if anyone wants to find it), and got a job in the industry - subsequently lost, but still!

Due to illness, work and general Real Life, I didn't get as much tangible hobbying done this year as I planned, but I do have half a dozen wargames and RPGs in alpha stage condition, which is nice.

If anyone wants to beta test them and get an acknowledgement in the finished product (maybe more!), they are:
- Capes & Courage: A fast play WW2 pulp game for re-enacting the likes of Captain America, Commando! and suchlike.
- For a Dollar & a Gun: A diceless, rulerless set of cowboy skirmish rules, usable 20mm+. I use pound store cowboys and a poker set - job done!
- Art of War: A mass combat fantasy card game, which just needs adapting for points, really.
- Silent War: A modern fantasy/horror RPG, kind of like a monotheist version of Cthulhu with two-fisted heroes.
- Matter of Legends: A roleplaying game for bringing back the mystical side of medieval fantasy.
- Magisterium: A roleplaying game set in an 18th century city where everyone is a wizard. Bartimaeus trilogy meets Jonathan Strange in the middle of the Seven Years War.

Feedback on any of them would be appreciated.

Compared to 2012's total of 1099 models, 17 vehicles, 80 pieces of terrain, 32 game aids and 300+ flats, how did I do?

Bearing in mind that "models" equates to 1 15mm infantryman (larger scales and mounted models counting for more), I got: 1370 models, 6 vehicles, 29 terrain pieces and 2 game aids. An increase in models with a decrease in everything else - largely made possible by a secret squirrel project coming out in a magazine near you in the (hopefully!) near future.

So this year will be more models, more terrain, and hopefully not a lot more purchases. I need to cut down the lead mountain a bit, especially since looking for my girlfriend's ring showed me just how much of the Underbed has been seized by the Kingdom of Boxes! There is much painting, inking and basing in my future. Now if only I could get the missus to be a painter as well as a roleplaying gamer...

I have a Pulp Alley campaign to look forward to with Mr Woodward, and lots of sci-fi, ECW and Nam stuff to paint and build in 15mm. In 28mm, more Saga, more Dux Bellorum, some In Her Majesty's Name, Of Gods & Mortals and Fistful of Kung Fu, more Chain of Command and IABSM, and new projects in FIW and WWI.

Gosh. Looking at that list, it almost seems like Osprey is tying with TFL in my affections. Utter madness!

New Year's Resolution: Put up at least one blog post a month. If any of you are still reading a year from now, feel from to chuck stones at me for missing it if you fancy.

And to sign off with, an official preview of Mr Morris' quite frankly amazing Salute Secret:
Creatively anachronistic Scots launch a charge against..?

Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Saw your comment on TFL website and just had a very enjoyable browse, thanks.

    No guarantees but I would be interested in play testing Capes & Courage. With a couple of friends we have been playing various pulp rules linked to Biggles role playing background in the Rif Wars with mummies and we are always looking for rules that make the experience better. Other recent games have been Dr Who orientated but the blend of "sci-fi, sword and sorcery & TV7 are not yet quite working. Image at Yours aye Gerard

    1. Hi Gerard,

      I'm glad you enjoyed the blog. Hopefully there'll be a fair bit more in the new year.

      If you want to get in on Capes & Courage, send me a message at infoatmorningstar at gmail dot com.

  2. The Fantasy Game sounds fun, and I am decent with Excel and point systems.
    Give me a yell, if you still need a hand.

    1. Hi Unknown,

      I couldn't see any contact details on your profile - please contact me at infoatmorningstar at gmail dot com, and I'll send you the documents for any and all fantasy games that you are interested in!

  3. Hi Matt, it was nice chatting to you at Cannon (Retford) last weekend - your game looked great and its always nice to see a Lardie's game on show. Chain of Command is our WW2 rules set of choice at the club, although only for WW2 at present! If you still are interested in it I'd love to see and test your Wild West rules (for a dollar and a gun). We've tried loads of options in the past but havent found the right one if you are still working on them please let me know and I'll give you an email address to send them to.

  4. Hi Mervyn, sorry for the late reply. I am very happy to send you a copy of my gunfight rules if you send me an email address.

    Matt M