Friday, 10 January 2014

New Rivers

The first project of the new year is finished! I now have about 10 feet of brand spanking new river ready to dominate my miniature battlefields.

This new big river is lightyears ahead of my previous ones, which were only about 15mm across. These ones are 95mm in width, and as you'll see, really look the part.

I was inspired by the excellent Shed Wars blog. Though I don't have the space for a waterfall, I got Santa to provide me with the hardboard and floor tiles to make the lower flowing water. It all worked just as promised – the gaps are really due to the slipshod way I made the rivers. If I had my time again, I'd cut the tile with a Stanley knife and a steel rule – not freehand with kitchen scissors!

Basically, the tiles were marked out with the size of the river sections (generally 15x9.5cm). The Oxford Blue tiles I used have some unfortunate trim, so I couldn't go with my initial plan of 12x4” sections.

These were stuck onto the centre of hardboard sections, kindly cut out by the lad at Homebase. And then cut in half again, thanks to that damn edging. 
The long view.
The other way round.
A mix of brown paint and grouting was then applied to the banks, and when this was dry, it was drybrushed with Wilko emulsion and flocked. I also painted the inside edges black, to minimise the effect of any gaps.
The straights all piled up next to the bends.
Once my Vietnam infantry are finished, I'll add some Silflor tufts, but until then, I'm happy with how they look. They're a bit bare in the photographs, but the flock stands out a lot better in person.
Finished articles. It doesn't look as long as it is...
The same from another angle.

Here are some action shots, enjoy!
Predator's-eye view of a British patrol in the Green Zone.
Is there someone watching from the fields..?
The Landies skirt the river bank.
28mm Dark Age warriors seek a crossing.
Are they fleeing something?

Looks like it... Hannah's dinosaur is closing in.

US Airborne cautiously approach the river - Wehrmacht wait ahead...
They get in closer, unsure of how to cross this body of water.


  1. Cool, for a slight moment I believed that some of the pics where actual photos until I saw the joints between the river parts:D

    1. Thank you, that's very kind! Do keep coming back to see others =]

  2. Delighted that my simple rivers were of help...happy new year

    1. Happy new year to you too. And thanks for the guide, of course!

  3. So it's Homebase for the blue tiles then? I've been scratting around in all sorts of places for these (no success). I really like your rivers, and it's a project I need to do,so thanks for the tutorial.

    1. Look for home base Oxford blue vinyl tiles can buy them online