Monday, 21 January 2013

WWII Pulp Figures

These are all things I have painted, and here they are for your delectation: 21 zombies, “The Count”, Oberst Scharlach, two German officers, American Eagle, Steel Soldier, Commandette. Johnny Commando, Faust and Mr. Hyde.

The zombies and officers were pretty quick: a wetbrush of GW Astartes Battlegrey for the uniforms, tidied up with Chaos Black for boots and webbing, with Vallejo Gunmetal and English uniform for their weapons. Skin was Basic Skintone for the living, GW Rotting Flesh for the rotting. Lots of GW Mephiston/Baal red gave the zombies a hungry look.

The Count and Oberst Scharlach (Red Skull to you and me) were both sprayed black and given GW Skavenblight Dinge boots and shirts. Incidental details were picked out on metal and then skin was either Mephiston Red or Space Wolf Grey depending on if they were scarlet-faced or a thousand year old vampire.

The heroes were painted up in a variety of silly colours from my paint box, and everyone was finished off with brown miracle wash, apart from Steel Soldier, who received a black wash instead.

American Eagle: GW Ultramarine Blue, Mephiston Red, Ceramite White, Vallejo Basic Skin Tone
Steel Soldier: GW Ultramarine Blue, Mithril Silver
Commandette: Vallejo US Field Drab, Basic Skin Tone, Chocolate Brown, GW Catachan Green
Johnny Commando: Vallejo US Field Drab, Chocolate Brown, Basic Skin Tone, GW Catachan Green
Faust: GW Tallarn Flesh, Baal Red Ink, Skavenblight Dinge, Chaos Black
Mr. Hyde: Vallejo Basic Skin Tone, Chocolate Brown

The models were all from Rebel Minis.

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