Monday, 21 January 2013

Quick and Dirty German Elites

The core of this is a second Crossfire company from the Battlefront Open Fire boxed set. That company is made up of:

Company Commander
2 HMG stands
3 Platoons (Platoon Commander, 3 Rifle stands)
2 FOs for offboard artillery/organic mortars

with an SMG squad from Battalion backing them up.

This is supplemented with a load of extra stands to help convert this Crossfire company into two weak platoons for IABSM. They are extra men for HMG and Panzerschreck teams, and an extra Crossfire platoon should I care to buy all three squads panzerfausts.

They were painted as follows over a black spray:

1. Wetbrush GW Astartes Battlegrey.
2. Paint skin Vallejo Basic Skin Tone.
3. Paint boots and webbing black.
4. Paint helmets Vallejo Dark Sand.
5. Drybrush guns Vallejo Gunmetal Metal.
6. Paint wood & helmet stripes Vallejo English Uniform.
7. Paint grenades and anti-tank weaponry GW Kommando Khaki.
8. Paint HMG belt ammo GW Shining Gold.
9. Brown miracle wash everything.

Nice and easy and only a few hours work. The bases were done in the same way as the Quick and Dirty Airborne - I just haven't found the grass I want to put on them yet. And here are the photos, bad as they are!


  1. That is a lot of figures painted and based for just a few hours work. Very nicely done.

    1. Thanks Pat. They're not a patch on yours, but I think they look well enough for bulk work!