Sunday, 6 May 2012

A Return to Action

It's been quite quiet here at A-history Central recently, what with me moving house and everything. But there's been a bit of movement on the Damn Battleships front, including a new table mat and a couple of battles between perfidious Albion and la belle France.

Having played the French, I'm a bit gutted that they lost both times, but DBSA gives a fun, fast game. Neither Iskander or I are bona fide knowledgeers on the period (1890-1905), but he's done well wielding the might of the Royal Navy against la Republique. Our tactics have been pretty blunt (charge!, mostly), but his ships have come through unscathed pretty regularly, while my own have taken horrific casualties.

I was pleased, however to sink the HMS Euryalus in my last game. She was the queen of the battlefield in her maiden voyage, sinking destroyers, cruisers and battleships with abandon.

My only kill, but still. Here she is, the Lady of the Match:
Just before her sinking. Crippled, heavily damaged, but still floating.

I enjoy DBSA, and I'm thinking adding a Russian fleet to go with a colonial project (either DBA-Hx or Volley and Bayonet) based on an Indian front in the Russo-Japanese War.

Hopefully I'll have more regular posts with more pictures now I'm in the new casa.

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