Friday, 25 May 2012

First '45s

A while ago I bought some Roundway models from Navwar, specifically English and Jacobite troops for the rising of '45. Other projects done, I've moved onto them, and I just finished my first nineteen models: two groups of 8 and three Big Men for Sharp Practice.

They have a cheerful, old-fashioned appeal, and I painted them in the colours of the imaginary King's Own Royal Borderers regiment, yellow trim and blue sashes. Two sergeants and an officer make up the Big Man quota. Me? Classist? Never! The one with the halberd will be the original Gideon Frost, beginner of the Frost Saga (my Blackadders of fake military history). Once I get some highlanders painted up, there will be more Sharp Practice battle reports on here but until then - enjoy your weekend.

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