Monday, 28 December 2015

2015 Round-Up

Well that was a long and occasionally difficult year. Returning to full-time, non-hobby work; moving in with my lovely girlfriend; a bout of injury and another of illness. Exhaustion about covers it, frankly.

Because of that, I have written very little this year, whether on this blog, for magazines or completed games. I have gamed at least semi-regularly though, and can only thank the players who have put up with my snoozy attempts at tactics. Over these twelve months however, it turns out I have done a lot more work on models and terrain than I realised. Hurrah for Netflix and its continuous play function!

Using my usual 15mm equivalents, I ended up finishing 1480 infantry, 88 cavalry, 2 guns, 67 vehicles, 16 jump-off points, and 217 terrain pieces. Most productive year on record! Of course with them being a series of small projects that could be completed before my patience and energy collapsed, they haven't added up to as many game-able additions to my collection as you might have expected. A little Post-Apocalypse or sci-fi Foreign Legion here, some more Dark Ages there, an extra bit of ACW, AWI or Bush Wars there - even some modern civilians and soldiers for Fighting Season, which I hope to playtest properly in the New Year.

Genuine and total thanks to everyone who I know through the hobby who has kept playing with, chatting to, following and inspiring me. I have been silently appreciative this whole time, and it does mean a lot. Season's greetings to you all, and the best of wishes for 2016.

Coming up Next: Hopefully a lot more games on the blog as I try to carve more playtesting time for a few upcoming titles, both Tactical Two Pagers and more traditionally sized rules. In the painting queue are Communists for modern Africa, a Battle of the Marne project, a whole extra bag of post-apocalyptic miniatures, a Clone army for Star Wars, and air support for my Rebel, Imperial, Clone and not-Tau armies. Terrain-wise, I hope to add to my space terrain, and the ruined city I am slowly putting together for sci-fi/Frostgrave/Post-Apocalypse/maybe-WW2.

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