Sunday, 13 July 2014

New Pulp!

Having been inspired by the pulp issue of WI to write my own game, I made a few extra models to play with.

The first set are Les Gendarmes Coloniales, a group of North African police
mostly concerned with hunting criminals and skirmishing with tribesmen - not that adventurous foreigners should consider themselves safe! They are Wargames Factory Americans with Wargames Factory German caps for the sergeants and Perry Desert Rat shemaghs for the constables. They did not quite fit, but a little hacking and a little creative placement seems to have sorted things out.

The whole gang - Captain, Sergeants and Constables.
The chief. "Surrender or I pull the pin!"
A sergeant on patrol.
Another sergeant. "Surrender or I shoot him".
The drunk constable.
The overly serious constable.

A constable chasing his man - "stop him!"

A constable shooting a rooftop criminal.

An over-armed constable.

Sometimes scaring tribesmen requires a big gun.
The captain has a bare head, the sergeants wear caps and the constables have shemaghs - it makes it easier to pick them out during play. As career policemen,
Captain Castagne and the two individually pictured sergeants (I forgot to snap the sniper) both have the "Surrender!" power, allowing them to attempt to force their enemies to give up.

The next is a famous character from the Golden Age of comics and the silver screen as well. I won't name this Bolt Action conversion, largely because I'm sure his shield will do it for me.

The only non-Warlord piece on this plastic conversion is his shield, from an old Bretonnian model. The star comes from a Battlefront 15mm transfer set.

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