Friday, 24 February 2012

Pirates Ahoy!

We had a game of It Is Warm Work again on Wednesday, and it was great fun. Eight British ships lined up against eleven Spanish and Pirate vessels, determined to gain evidence of Spanish iniquity and collusion in the pirates' devastating raids.

And they got it! They all died, but they got it! Two British ships were sunk, two fled, two struck and two were reduced to burning hulks. Two pirate ships were successfully boarded, one sunk and the flagship was routed, but all in all a crushing victory to the Pirate faction.

The lines of battle meet - Spanish and Pirates in foreground, British in the distance.

As often happens though, things were closer than the results suggest. Barbarossa was a lot cleverer about using the wind than I was, and had the pirates not held tactical initiative for a solid eight turns after contact was made, things would have been very different. But so was war always.

Since Barbarossa took the pictures, they'll have to wait until I get them off him (if ever), but here's hoping!

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